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Travis Steffen, author of Viral Hero, is a serial entrepreneur with 7 successful exits (and a few crash-and-burn failures) to his name. As a growth engineer, he specializes in building products that grow themselves.

After nearly a decade of running startups, Travis began to adopt a different way of building products by building the viral loops first, then finding product details that fit inside those structures. After seeing this strategy work, he set a goal to gain a deeper understanding of viral marketing mechanics so he could create a resource to teach founders and growth engineers how to use creative product architecture to grow their companies – rather than burning giant piles of cash. The result is Viral Hero.

In addition to the main book, readers also get access to the new Viral Hero Workbook, which allows readers to follow along and implement each of the lessons taught throughout the book – ensuring readers won’t just read the book and put it back on the shelf. For those who want to go even deeper still, Travis works with entrepreneurs hands-on through Viral Hero Labs.

Travis currently lives in Los Angeles, and serves as the CEO of GrowFlow – an industry-leading, venture-backed suite of software products for cannabis companies. He is also an investor, advisor, and/or partner in several startups and venture funds.

Outside of the business world, Travis also loves poker (and is also the author of Peak Performance Poker), fitness, space, fantasy football, film, and a good rack of ribs.

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If you think “viral marketing” only refers to making videos or memes to get shares on social media, there’s a reason you’ve found it difficult to grow your business.

In Viral Hero, serial entrepreneur and growth engineer Travis Steffen reveals his comprehensive, battle-tested strategy for building products capable of true viral growth. Developed over years of research and more than a decade of starting, growing, and selling startups, Viral Hero includes a detailed breakdown of the many types of viral marketing, their various techniques and strategies, clear explanations of abstract and often misunderstood theories, simple tactics for measuring and predicting your viral growth, and actionable steps for making your product spread like wildfire.

Using detailed examples from real high-growth companies, Viral Hero is a comprehensive, approachable resource that gives you all the tools you’ll need on your journey toward becoming a viral hero for your business.



Mind Blown

This book absolutely shifted my outlook on entrepreneurship. So many “aha” moments while reading it the first time. I recommend it for any entrepreneur or anybody thinking of starting a business of any kind. 5 stars. Would have given 6 if I could have.

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Josh Watkins

Awesome resource regardless of your marketing experience!

This is a fantastic book on modern social and viral growth. Travis covers all of the bases here that is helpful for any digital marketer regardless of experience. I’ll be purchasing the book for the whole marketing team to read.

Thanks for this awesome resource you’ve given me, Travis!

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Check it out

Super insightful book. A lot of the growth tips are very applicable to not only small businesses, but to large companies as well. Bought several to pass along to friends and colleagues.

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Incredibly Insightful

This book was extremely helpful and insightful. As an entrepreneur it shifted my perspective as to what is possible for my business. You will learn so much by reading this!

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Entrepreneur On Fire is an award-winning podcast where host John Lee Dumas interviews inspiring Entrepreneurs every Monday and drop value bombs every Thursday! He’s published over 2,000 interviews with incredible Entrepreneurs, including Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Gary Vee, Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferriss, Mary Marshall and many more.

Throughout each of these interviews the guest shares their biggest failure, their biggest ah-ha moment, and their best resources to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.  Listen to Travis’s episode.

Hack the Entrepreneur is an entrepreneur’s podcast with a twist. It is for those looking to develop their entrepreneurial mindset, do work that matters, and build an online business.

Host Jon Nastor interrogates solo entrepreneurs to multimillion-dollar startup founders, digital nomads to entrepreneurs working offline. Previous guests include Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki and Grant Cardone. Listen to Travis’s episode.

Join Up Dots is an entrepreneur’s podcast that taks a different approach. Rather than the assertion that building an online business is hard, host David Ralph believes that it’s very, very simple. 

You have something to offer or sell, and you then go and find the people that want it. Find enough of those people and hey presto….you have a very nice living indeed.

Previous guests include Les Brown and Chandler Bolt. Listen to Travis’s episode.

The Happen To Your Career Podcast helps you figure out what career fits you and your unique strengths. 

Host Scott Anthony Barlow interviews entrepreneurs and provides his own wisdom to provide the inspiration, tools, and roadmaps to move from where you are to work that matters to you and uniquely fits your strengths and talents. Listen to Travis’s episode.

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